Hi, I'm Sami Teasdale also known as Teasemade.  I was taught to embroider as a young girl by my mother. I went on to study Fine Art, and work in Product Design which led to me becoming a teacher for a while wielding tools in a noisy classroom. It is nice to now return to the threads of my youth. Going to Spain lots as children, where everything was heavily embroidered, such as bed linens, table cloths, i find memories of these still tangle my thoughts and inspire my passion for Blackwork. Hand embroidery is a language that makes sense to me.

Birds, you may have noticed I like those. They became a daily fascination of mine while sky gazing from my armchair, the sky is full of such beauty. The more I see and read, the more I want to learn about the feathered beauties and capture them in stitch.